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A New Learning Model

The 01 Edu system which powers 01 Founders bases its learning model on 3 paradigms as outlined in the video above by our Head of Technology and Pedagogy – Hana Abdi:

In other words, the entire model of 01 Founders is based on the idea of intelligence or knowledge through social collaboration, the very principle of “socio-cognitive conflict”.

To achieve this, 01 Founders programmes develop a series of qualities that allow each learner to perform in their learning, and sharing with others, whoever they may be:

These principles and methods are a clear break from the traditional academic learning system. Differences exist even with most so-called reverse or alternative pedagogies.

At 01 Founders we believe the power of these qualities will translate into a workforce that is comfortable with uncertainty and adapting quickly to change. Ready for organisations to deploy successfully as they operate in a rapidly changing environment.

That’s why we see this as the power of embracing Collective Intelligence.

A Platform Designed to Grow

Our learning platform brings together technical and technological skills, constantly evolving and growing to keep pace with new technologies.

The Tools

Learning to code with 01 Founders will give you the tools you need to enter the tech industry as a mid-level software engineer. Pass the Fellowship and graduate debt-free, with a guaranteed job.

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