At 01 Founders , we have reimagined education to address these challenges. Our courses are designed with flexibility at their core, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to fit your unique professional aspirations.

Here’s how we are different:

1. Flexibility in Learning: Our programs are designed to fit around your schedule. Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or managing other commitments, you can learn at your own pace and on your own terms.

2. Flexibility in Designing Your Professional Path: We offer a wide range of specialisations, allowing you to customise your educational journey according to your career goals, if you go through our training program. Ethical and sustainable AI practices are woven into our curriculum, ensuring our participants are not only skilled in AI technologies but also leaders in responsible AI development and application.

3. Wide Range of Specialisations: Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of AI-related fields, from machine learning and data science to AI ethics and human-computer interaction. We continuously update our curriculum to adapt to technological advancements, and our future plans include expanding specialisations, offering global and localised courses, leveraging technology for scalable learning, and building a strong community.

4. Extensive Network: We boast a robust network of partners and collaborators both in the UK and internationally, providing you with unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and connections.

Who Are We

We are committed to providing a cutting-edge education that combines rigorous pedagogy with practical, real-world applications. Our AI module is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the AI landscape.

– Cost: Our courses are competitively priced to ensure accessibility at £999.
– Timings: Flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle – Campus is open from 8am – 11pm.

– Duration: Typically, our AI module spans 70 to 80 hours, providing an in-depth understanding without overwhelming your schedule.

– Course Breakdown: The curriculum includes hands-on projects, and collaborative learning experiences.
To further personalise your learning, we offer unique features like Quests, Raids, and Audits:


Engage in structured learning activities that challenge and inspire and increase in difficulty day by day. 


Take on advanced topics or propose your own projects under the guidance of expert mentors.


Regular assessments to ensure you’re on track and gaining the most from your education.

The Experienced Piscine covers Machine Learning fundamentals in Week 1, with RAID projects like Stoke Price Prediction and Movie Recommendation Systems, fellowed by Deep Learning in Week 2, featuring projects like Fake News Detectors and Objects Detectors. 

This tiered approach ensure a personalised experience, allowing you to delve into specific interests, career goals, or advanced topics. We focus not just on AI itself, but also on the interfaces and evolving technologies that shape our world.

Our Success Rate

Our approach has proven successful, with a high percentage of our graduates securing positions in leading businesses. Our emphasis is on learning how to learn, enabling our students to quickly adapt to new technologies and challenges.

Special Offer: LTW2024

As a special offer during London Tech Week (LTW24), we are providing a 50% discount on our courses for those who sign up during the event. This is an incredible opportunity to kickstart your journey in AI at a significantly reduced cost.

Accreditation and start date

Our courses are accredited by the Open College Network (OCN), and successful completion earns you a Digital Badge, recognising your achievements. The AI Course starts this September, so don’t miss out on this chance to join the forefront of AI education.

In conclusion, the landscape of work and education is changing rapidly, but with the right tools and guidance, we can not only adapt but thrive. Join us, and be a part of the future of AI.

Course Details:

– Start Date: September 2024

– Cost: £999

– Duration: 3 weeks

– Topics Covered:

– Advanced AI Techniques

– Data Analytics

– Deep Learning

– Natural Language Processing

– And more!

Whether you’re a tech professional aiming to stay ahead of the curve or an enthusiast eager to explore cutting-edge technology, this event is for you. Network with like-minded individuals, engage in insightful discussions, and see how AI can elevate your career or business.

Unlock the Power of AI: Elevate Your Career in Just Three Weeks!

Embark on an intensive journey to master advanced AI concepts. Our three-week course will equip you with skills in data analytics, deep learning, and NLP, using essential tools like Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-Learn. Perfect for both aspiring data scientists and experienced professionals, this course is your gateway to success in AI.

Secure your spot today and take the first step towards a transformative career in AI!

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