Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

After successfully passing our online application game you will be invited to join our 3-week in-person Selection Pool at our campus near Regents Park. Once you have completed the pool and passed it, you will be invited to join our 1-2 year Fellowship programme. 

The Selection Pool is a 3-week Introduction to GoLang which takes place at our campus near Regents Park. You will work through a different coding task each day and during the weekends take part in group projects. There are no teachers, so you will be learning by collaborating with others in the pool. There are 3 exams on each of the Friday’s during the pool.

The Fellowship is a 2 year programme which takes part at our campus near Regents Park. Fellows learn 3 different coding languages – GoLang, JavaScript and Rust – and then specialise in an area of their choice for the final 6 months. Learners work through the gamified platform unlocking different levels and earning points as they complete projects and challenges. Students will be working together using our unique peer-to-peer learning style. Fellows are expected to spend at least 30 hours a week on the programme.

After successfully completing one year of the Fellowship, students have the option to apply for our Level 4 Software Development Apprenticeship programme and continue to learn at 01F whilst working 3 days within a company.

No – this course is designed for beginners and no academic qualifications are required to join it.

Absolutely, we encourage individuals from all backgrounds and careers to apply. Over the past few years we have had a whole variety of previous coding experiences join and flourish on our programme.

The course includes written guidance. You will also need to chat to your peers verbally on campus and in writing via Discord. If a potential student’s English is not strong enough, you would be able to join one of the college’s ESOL classes before joining the programme.

It is not possible to do the Selection Pool remotely. You will need to be on campus for most of the 3 weeks. The peer-to-peer learning is essential to complete the projects, and many projects are done in teams. There is flexibility to do some learning remotely, but you will be at a disadvantage if you are not on campus frequently. 

For the Fellowship, you are required to be on campus at least twice a week so you can collaborate with your peers and work through the projects together in your groups.

You will learn through 01 Edu – a gamified, peer-to-peer learning platform, which thousands of students globally have learnt through to become job-ready software engineers. Through collaboration with other students on group projects, as well as honing your skills individually, you will gain a comprehensive skill set.

01 Edu includes thorough instructions, support videos and built-in features to teach novices the coding basics. The 01F community includes study groups and chats to foster support, task discussion and collaboration. The 01F team will be available should anything be unclear or if you need further support. 

After you complete your studies, you do not receive an accredited degree as this educational model is new in the UK and does not correspond to any traditional definitions.

This is not a problem in the technology sector as companies care about what you can do, who you are and how you work. You will also build an impressive portfolio of your work throughout the course which you can share with companies whilst developing soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, autonomy, teamwork, which are all essential for a developer role.

You will complete the course with a global knowledge in any programming field, plus two years of relevant work experience. You will gain access to many positions and jobs in the digital world, from startups to global companies!

It’s not a pass or fail process, it’s much more about increasing levels of challenges as you work your way through the programme.

There are 60 different projects to solve within the two years and you progress to the next level once you complete each one.

And it’s completely normal to fail a project! Like the cognitive tests in our application, the course is designed to train highly competent software developers, and is intentionally challenging.

The 01 Founders Fellowship is open to anyone 16 years old and over. No prior coding experience or academic qualifications are required to apply.

Diversity and inclusion are a key part to the 01 Founders mission and so we especially encourage women, refugees, ethnic minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply.

Passion. Interest in software development, coupled with a strong motivation to develop your skills.

Collaboration. Your ability to work with others to complete projects and overcome obstacles.

Creativity. Your capacity for finding innovative solutions quickly, and thinking of new approaches to solve complex problems.

Perseverance. Your ability to remain motivated and diligent despite solving challenging problems.

We don’t test your pure mathematical skills – your passion, collaboration, perseverance and creativity are much stronger indicators of your ability to code. Our course is meant to be challenging and our students to work together collaboratively, not competitively with one another.

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