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We support companies to harness tomorrow's tech talent today. Our professional solutions empower businesses with access to skilled individuals through 01F apprenticeships and project-based internships.

We offer a tailored approach using cutting-edge technology and cloud-based systems for a modern learning experience.

All candidates undergo rigorous selection and peer-to-peer pedagogy in our coding academy, covering three key areas before starting with employers.

  • Technical Proficiency: Backend and frontend development, problem-solving, algorithm design, functional programming, parallel computing.
  • Technological Expertise: HTML, JS, SQL, GraphQL, Docker, CSS, Rust, Unix, C, Shell, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java.
  • Soft Skills Development: Collaboration, resourcefulness, autonomy in challenges, quick learning of new concepts.

Our students, with an average age of 27, come from diverse backgrounds, 75% ethnically diverse, and 40% women, fully prepared and work-ready.


12–15-month programmes combining full-time work with real job experience, enhancing business value and job-specific skills.

OCN level 4 specialisms:

  • Blockchain & Crypto
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud DevOps
  • Video Games
  • UX/UI

Costs funded through Apprenticeship Levy with no recruitment charge. Employers provide apprentice salaries.

To learn more about 01F apprenticeship service and how you can recruit the next generation of diverse coding.

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Project Based Internships

Assistance with app, website development, social media boosting or short projects. 01F project-based internship offers hands-on experience and skill development.

Specialising in tech, project management. Tackle project needs cost-effectively with short-term internships.

  • Agility of short-term internships
  • Accelerate projects with dynamic contributions
  • Nurture potential future employees, apprentices
  • Inject diverse skillsets, new ideas

Day rates from £150 to £350 based on experience.

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To learn more about 01F internship service and how you can recruit the next generation of diverse coding.

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